About us

The overall aims of the Cape Parrot Working Group (CPWG) are to:

  • Promote the conservation of the Cape Parrot
  • Ensure the conservation of the habitat of the Cape Parrot
  • Promote and encourage an effective law enforcement system for protecting the Cape Parrot
  • Promote local community, national, and international awareness of the Cape Parrot’s plight
  • Encourage a captive breeding programme of the Cape Parrot

With secondary objectives of:

  • Effective landscape management and wise use of natural resources within the Cape Parrot’s range
  • Promote sustainable social development projects for local communities in the Cape Parrot’s range
  • Identification and increased protection of priority conservation areas relevant to the Cape Parrot
  • Provision of a channel to voice environmental concerns relating to the Cape Parrot
  • Collation and dissemination of existing knowledge and ecological processes relating to the Cape Parrot